About this site

MediaCowboy Tech is an independent publication launched in April 2022 by MediaCowboy.

I plan to try to post weekly about different projects, the software I am playing with or deploying, and just different thoughts in general.

I am an IT Infrastructure Engineer and tinker with open-source software, 3D printing, home lab, and CNC when time permits. I run some pretty cool applications that I hope to document here and share with the world.

Essentially I want to share with you what others in the open-source, self-hosting, and home lab community have shared with me with you as well as document my journey.

If you learn something along the way or do it in your setup let me know. If you think there is a piece of software, I need to check out leave a comment on the post.

I would also like to use this a chance to thank my amazing editor, my wife. Without her checking my spelling and grammar this blog wouldn't be what it is.