More About Me

More About Me
Photo by Luca Bravo / Unsplash

So if you found this website excellent, I know you have probably already taken the time to read the about me page, but I don't go into a lot of detail there. So let's first address why I created this site.

I have met many people who, when I tell them what I do for fun, your definition may vary, that instantly are blown away and want to know more. Which got me thinking about how best I can share this information without constantly being on the phone. I also wanted somewhere to "empty" my head per see and something I could call my own.

So what do I do for fun?

Well, I self-host different things and tinker with raspberry pis. I also own a 3D printer and a desktop CNC machine that I need to start using again.

So what is self-hosting?

It is hosting software, primarily open-source, on your own hardware. For example, have you ever wanted to be in control of your audiobooks without having to use several different apps? It is possible, and I plan to post about it soon. As you will quickly find out if any of this interests you that my way isn't the only way.

So what do I all self-host?

Well, I self-host my own blog to start with. Yes, you read that right. This blog post is being served from my own hardware in my own house. I plan to write up how I did and give praise to another self-hoster I have met.

I host my own smart home solution, allowing me to control the lights, and the temperature, create alerts, and more. While most of it is local control, there is some cloud-based solution's that I use to make my home just a little bit smart.

I host my own audiobook server to stream the audiobooks and podcasts that I have collected to my phone and browser from anywhere in the world. Expect a post on this solution in the future as well.

I self-host two different Minecraft servers. One for some college friends I've met along the way and my own family. If there is interest in how I do this, let me know.

Now for the big thing that got me into the whole self-hosting. I host my very own media streaming server. This streams movies, tv shows, and music to multiple devices around my house and my family's phones while we are out and about or even on vacation. I admit that I have been known to watch TV from my server while relaxing in a hotel room.

Stay tuned for another post on how I do this and other helpful self-hosting solutions I use.